my sweetest downfall.
i'm Kim, 20 I'm hello yes i love taylor and sometimes i gif and sometimes i like people.

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thanks to that one blog who reblog that gifset youre a cutie

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I’ve been inspired by being in New york because everything from what people are wearing on the street, to the way they are acting with each other, to drive to the west village at night and you see couple kissing on the street or you see someone fighting outside their apartment or you see so much humanity in a daily basis that even when you’re not inspired by you’re own life that day, you can be inspired by someone Else’s life.


Taylor’s got that good girl



Style clip without the voice-over ending

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Why not fall in love?


I got shit to do

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I found the cutest dog in Berlin


I found the cutest dog in Berlin

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a CEO walks into his office “any messages?” he asks his assistant
“two anons want to know who tom petty is and one just says ‘post your ballsack’”
“got it. check my dashboard”
“that skeleton gif you like is back again”
he rubs his chin pensively “mm. reblog that”

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Welcome To New York is 34 on iTunes and you can’t even buy it. 

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